Power is Never up for Negotiation

  It was Sojourner Truth (1787-1883) who, her patience worn thin, famously said “If women want any rights more than they’s got, why don’t they just take them and not be talking about it”.
This is usually the place where the debaters, soi disant theorists  and the attention starved, step in to impress us with demands for a definition of what power is; what is meant by rights and so on. I am quite satisfied with Stokley Carmicael’s answer when called to the rabbit hole by a certain radio journalist, “Everybody knows what power is, let’s not waste time on that”. Stokley said, his frustration barely not showing.

I am writing this in the conviction that one has to be very naive to not notice and be concerned about conflicts occurring across the world. For me, I’ll limit myself to  what’s happening in America, where the fissures grow and the edges crystallize.  I believe that the rot in government started way back in the sixties. The Civil Rights Movement tore away the the illusion of the Kings’ clothes, and new boogeymen could not be manufactured fast enough. So they settled for “Morning in America”. Some parts of the country were told that they were happy. Fast forward to 2008 audacity of Obama.

More damage was done to this country by the powers behind the Republican Party leadership than an enemy could have ever done. Racists held fast, vilification of the elected president amplified and then out jumped people who had no business running the politics of the United States. Said thirty-year Senator Mitch McConnell, (GOP) Ky- then Senate Majority Leader, “Our goal is to make Barak Obama a one term president”.  Black people and Liberals said, hell, no you won’t and the chasm moved wider. Think about it. That is a policy statement of one of the most developed countries.

When a power base is threatened it marshals its forces. First and best to use are propaganda, courts, then bullies and thugs, the latter in or out of uniforms. They are permitted to do unspeakably atrocious violence. Are we there yet? I think so. Unless one looks at the surge in police murders with no consequences as disparate actions. It cannot be happenstance that all across the country state attorneys give away get-out-of-jail-free-cards as certain demographics cache armouries in their homes. Now at the same time, where are the men? In prisons. I might be wrong. We’ll know sooner than later.