Are Citizens Being Served by Our Criminal Justice System

First, my sympathy to the relatives and friends of Laquan.
 The policeman has been charged and the Chief of Police pushed onto his sword. Stand practice some might say. Supporters of the system as is, might say, well the family was compensated, punitive action was taken against the police, what more do you want? Okay, I’ll tell you first what I don’t want: Rahm Emanuel’s resignation and a couple of cops humiliated. We all go home until the next time. Then the next city and the next.
For a cover-up of this magnitude, just think of the number of senior public officials who had to be actively involved, gave the right wink, or be willfully blind. So now we have institutional failure and crisis of confidence. Doubtlessly. But we have not yet reached the bottom of the cesspool of disgrace, disservice and perhaps multiple criminal conspiracies, just for the political ambitions of a few. So, instead of the justice department playing pussyfoot with the institutions involved, what I do want is the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate the mayor’s office,  attorney Alvarez and her office and the judges who failed to uphold justice. Conscience took second place to their ambitions. 

I believe that the mainstream media ought to pack up and go home. For over a year they were unable to penetrate the contrived wall of secrecy.  Blogs are doing a better job.

The cascade started with whispers on a website and it took a little known journalist to persist with a public records request and one decent judge to order that the relevant law be enforced. To tell what’s in my heart, I don’t even have confidence in the Department of Justice anymore. This comes down to knew or should have known. R. I.P, Laquan.