Equality Can’t be Possible Without Critical Thinking

Why do we keep blaming black women for being attacked by police?
Why do black girls and women always get blamed for violence that happens to them?
A sad, predictable thing happened this week: A video of an officer assaulting a young black girl went viral, and people who should know better blamed it on the girl.


A large segment of our United States fervently defend the police no matter what they do. That staunch support is there and could be depended upon as long as the victim is Black. That, conclusion-first-factors-later kind of thinking has a price and yes, race drives the decisions.

I do not have any expectation of changing those minds. Not even one. If a ton of peer reviewed literature cannot influence that, what chance do I have? How do you argue with an adult who says this child deserved that inhuman response because she was disrespectful to authority?  If one is disingenuous, callous or stupid enough to accept that perceived, passive  disrespect to another gives them the right to seize you and fling you about, indifferent to the likelihood of causing mental and serious bodily harm, then where for them, does proportionality begin and end?

I engaged autistic kids for years, just one child in crisis and it takes lots  compassion and strength to maintain  professional conduct. Some additional staff may have to assist in calming the child. What this officer did would get you arrested in a blink. But that’s not all. Compounding it, the excuse for a teacher said not a word, and that’s the salt in the wound. His casual aloofness in the presence of such brutality to a child, his own student, tells much about his  character. Just saying stop might have had an effect. More shaming, only one student spoke up for her. Just for speaking up she got arrested. Just think of that for awhile. So, explain to me again, this thing about freedom, justice and the Constitution, we go to war and die for.