Mr. President, please take a second look

Over the last twenty four hours I received a few shocks from mainstream media and my much admired President Barack Obama. They concern the revelation of the Department of Justice’s report on occurrences in Ferguson, Missouri. They investigated complaints surrounding the death of Michael Brown and the overall conduct of the city’s Police.

Sometime ago, I posted two articles about President Obama on my hobby blog, The first, “Our Atlas Never Shrugged”, was a tribute to his ardent work despite undeserved hostility. The second, “Is Race President Obama’s Bogey Man”, well, that speaks for itself.  I state that because I do not take my citizen’s duty lightly and am writing to let our President,our party and DOJ know that though I laude the expeditious DOJ response to the situation, I am shocked about the apparent skittishness as to accountability and correction.

First the media. Why do you bother to have these roundtable discussions if you, our voice, sit and accept opinions that what is needed is better recruiting and training. Never heard such bull, but I dealt with that thinking on another post.

The second shock was to see my President, who is still to deal with the Bundys, stand at a town hall meeting tiptoeing around this Ferguson issue repeating the worn platitudes of e.g police have dangerous jobs (well Sir,so do fishermen, taxi drivers and construction workers) and basically telling us that Ferguson is an outlier. It is not! In fact, the acceptance of police brutality and criminal conduct is so routine and widespread that no one should be surprised that it took four days to get our Democratic Gov and the Mayor to even get involved, and when they did, it was to threaten us.

To date, Mr. President, after all the sacrifices of young people facing down a frightening military aching to do violence to them, all we have to show for it is one lowly employee fired for a racist e-mail, and a promise by FPD to cooperate in reform.

Lastly, Mr.President, the management of the entire justice system would make Tony Soprano green with envy. We do expect to see the FPD disbanded and its functions released to the County. We want to see the judges and prosecutors face condign action. We don’t need a reform, we don’t need a color change. We need redress.  

With respect and high regard, thank you.