How Did We Get Into This Mess?

How Did We Get Into This Mess?: Disabled Black Man Holding Spoon Killed by Police. Racists Cheer.
My condolence to the surviving family and loved ones. Why care what soul-less people say? They have been that way for generations and cannot be persuaded by any cogent argument. Have to say though, that they should know that nothing is happening now that has not been done before. Africans, Native Americans, Chinese are just a few.

Some Caucasians truly believe that their ancestors were White, perhaps slave-owners. Well, surprise! The majority of Caucasians were so despised by the propertied class that they were lucky to gain entry as indentured servants. Lucky, because some were rejected as supposed carriers of diseases, others due to alleged mental inferiority and genetic deficiency.

When the monster has grown enough he will make no distinctions. Caucasians kids WILL be in just as much jeopardy for their lives like any other human being. All genocides start small. First the out group and gradually work inwards until the most loyal core find themselves greeting their executioners.