Governor Nixon Disappoints…again


When Gov Nixon took 4 days to crawl from the hole called his office, I thought he was lazy and did not understand what he was dealing with. Then he reluctantly held a jocose press conference which confirmed for me that he intends business as usual.

When Mayor Knowles was finally found and handed his head by Ashley Banfield on CNN, I thought he was just inept.

When respected Sen. McCaskill arrived and basically backed these public officials, including prosecutor McCullock, I knew that I was mistaken about her as an ally.

Now my eyes are clear; my head is clear and my expectations of justice and public officials could not get lower in this swamp.

If one can call the photo-op with two African-Americans flanking spineless Gov. Nixon, as he verbally threatened the citizens of Ferguson, a press conference, then we are in for much more than we thought.
Our fight to stop the murder of Black males by police; the murder of the mentally ill and those who happen to be poor must stop. I don’t give a damn what the little Ben Stein says.