Ferguson Shooting Is Only The Symptom

Ferguson Shooting Is Only The Sympthom
When T.J Deonne appeared of TV and said he was “tired” of reporting on killings by police of unarmed black men I felt guilty, frustrated and ferociously angry as he. The pattern is too familiar-the marches, the chants, the worn press conferences by Police Chiefs with a mute gaggle as backdrop. Finally an officer is charged with manslaughter and we wait for a verdict….and then it happens again.
The Blue Wall of Silence is tumbling on all of us, one way or another. So it must be about race. Well, most of it. Don’t ever believe that white men and women who are at the lower level escape mistreatment and unjustified killing. Just not as often and frankly who cares?! They are (slur) anyway. Hardly would “rise to the level” of deserving media attention.
The question I have is why we focus on the incident and debate causes. It’s becoming consumed as entertainment. So, today, I do what I can to fight back from hundreds of miles away. I Tweeted calls for the resignation of (D) Gov. Nixon, Mayor Knowles and Chief Of Police Jackson. Such appalling incompetence and disinterest by public officers, I have never seen.Yes, I’m a (D) and liberal of the darkest blue, but this is what you get when blame is only on the actual perpetrator. It is what you get when you faithfully vote for people who don’t give a damn.
Three days into the incident the Gov arrives joking and cajoling his way through his first public meeting as Ashleigh Banfield of CNN had Mayor Knowles squirm before finally handing him his head. Knowles was so unprepared and uninformed it was shameful.
Lastly, how could the state and local officials not see the grievous disparities, not know of the callous profiling and persecution of its citizens of African ancestry? Why in 2014 the workforce is not integrated and representative of the community? I pledge to keep this moral outrage alive on every medium I can access until I bore some to death, inspire some to act and lazy public officers truly SERVE ALL CITIZENS they represent.