Michael Brown’s Murder. Not Your Concern?!

Well noted Chris, and thank you. That so many Americans are okay with this, as evidenced by their silence and notable absence, no longer surprises me. I am not cynical. Reality is in your face and indications are that we are going back to pre-sixties. Disquietingly the Supreme Court is already leading the way back. Compounding the infamy of the murder of this young man is the military response of the police to a crowd of just a few hundred, law abiding, non-threatening protestors. Armored trucks and such leave it unmistakably clear what the police think of Americans of African Ancestry and what the police all across this country are quite prepared to do to us. Compare this with the Bundy armed defiance and draw your own conclusion. Finally, let me say that the world is observing America’s Achilles Heel exposed. Racism built this country and racism is insidiously decomposing it.