Write, Ramble, Rant, March, But Do Something, America

My condolence to the parents of our dead child Michael Brown. Such grief is hard to experience and express. On your face, dear mother, I see the depth of your pain and anger, yet you maintain your composure and admirable dignity. I respect you even more for that.

Watching the news media coverage, my own heart was broken. T.J. Dionne and Doug Lemmon were justifiably shaken and outraged but clearly frustrated with what is evident to all- the victimization of African-Americans. Whenever another murder of our citizens is carried out by the criminal justice system, it spurs recollections of other incidences. There are the openly racist violence such as the arial bombing of M.O.V.E and the near-death situation of Professor Ersula Ore. There are too many unjust police violence to recall here but one that stays with me is the case of Ellenor Bumpers. She was murdered by a N.Y police S.W.A.T, sent to evict the lone, obese, arthritic octogenarian from her apartment. The team made short work of her inside her home. Her life taken over non-payment of about three hundred and eighty something dollars. Hell, take up a collection and pay it if there is any humanity in your cold bosom. A black person would have to be nuts if surprised to learn that this homicide was ruled justifiable by our truly blind, deaf court.

Yes, I am sick of it, but I am not so foolish not to notice that in Christian America, my own family is at risk, constantly surveilled and picked on by the police we pay for service. Finally, have you noticed that these often fatal confrontations arise from petty misdemeanors for which just a citation would have sufficed?