Keep GOP Far Away From Your Kids’ Schools

First, not surprised that it’s Florida GOP again. One of the top states for corrupt government. I listened to DeSousa talk his trash on MSN about his movie, making the “Indian Wars” into just another conflict over land and historically normal. Quite sync with Ayn Rand view that the Native Americans had no rights and were living like animals anyway. DeSousa the felon, either does not know or is paid well to clean-up history. He has no regard for the fact that the U.S lost the war, agreed to peace over and over again and broke every damn treaty made with the native people.
This is another example of GOP duplicity. Don’t want government and turn right around inserting themselves in religion and under women’s skirts. The day this silliness is shown is the day no child of mine attends class. I’ll keep them home and teach them about Manifest Destiny, The Indian Removal Act, the Great Migration of Africans north AND that Blacks and Whites progressed most when they stuck together in labor unions. I’ll leave it to DeSousa to lie about the class of cold-hearted “businessmen” who murdered them in strikes, stoked fear to bring us to the cowed people we are today. If by now you think I’m angry, you’re wrong, I’m F****** pissed!