A Patron Saint of Sexual Offenders

Why would anyone choose to be the patron saint of people so vile they really should burn in hell. There is no defence for that. Clearly, the perpetrator was fully aware of the abhorrence of his actions, yet did it anyway, despite the well-known consequences. The law has been broken and someone’s person violated. The law is the law.So we accuse, convict and sentence. For most felonies, including murder, it usually ends there. For the sexual offender his nightmare has just begun.

A sexual offender, is usually male and there is often great power disparity as to the victim. As females engage more in work outside the home, that involve juveniles, more of that gender come to public attention.But public outrage is somewhat muted when the offender is female and victim male. It is reflected in reporting, prosecution and sentencing.

Sexual offences are, well, unforgivable by the state. Sometimes by kin and maybe by the victim, but they never escape their Scarlet Letter. All crimes have mitigating contexts, but sexual atrociousness, never.

Never, until the offender is discovered where the majority of sexual violations occur. In the home. Our positions soften a little, after-all, now we are confronting a son, mother, father and many of the loved ones that share our home. Now there is a person. The object is not so vile a creature anymore…to them.

So I would be the patron saint to sexual offenders. They get longer prison sentences and harsh treatment in prison. Some are beaten, raped or killed. Most spend their time in isolation. Their humanity subtracted.

On release, they register indelibly, are restricted as to where they may live and of course are unemployable. They are despised, hounded and friend-less. Constantly burdened by new, sometimes silly, legal codes. Driven to homelessness and cannot stop the downward drift. An irredeemable human being; God’s child, condemned to living death.