Fight For Fast Food Families

The fast food workers’ strike was long in coming but, like the French Revolution it finally did. The interesting thing about that industry is how it managed to separate fast food workers from the wait staff in the traditional restaurants. Divide and conquer? Wait staff receive tips, Fast Food Workers (FFW) don’t. Come on, they both bring you your food. Just wanted to point out the fact that little things set us apart. Let’s move on. The average wage of a FFW is $7.80, if overtime is figured in. Some make less. There is no incremental or cost of living adjustment table. So you could be there for ten years and still paid entry-level wage. Most FFW have to depend on government support of some kind. Yes, the same supplements the Republicans want to cut…again! There is another odious part of this employer/employee relationship. The employer does not encourage longevity. High rates of turnover is desirable in that sinful business model. Only PIMPS would have that acceptable as good for business. The CEO of McDonalds, Don Thompson, conscientious man that he is, assumed the position at a time when the company was losing money and humbly accepted a pay-cut of FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. He makes 9.5 million dollars. His predecessor, James Skinner made out with 16 million dollars. Some sources estimate that it takes a front line worker FOUR MONTHS to earn what the CEO gets paid for one hour’s work. Not counting perks and tax shelters. I want to ask America these simple questions: What precisely does any CEO do to EARN that amount of money? A finance grad could do that for a fraction. The President of the United States, Justices of the Supreme Court get by with much less after years of education. How long do you think this can continue, and what do you envision the end to be?