For The Want Of A Government….

@Today, the news media reported extensively on the indictment of Scott Batterson, for bribery and soliciting unlawful compensation. Mr Batterson is on suspension from his position as a board member of Orange County Expressway Authority. It is believed that there are more indictments to follow. Without prejudging this issue, a small episode in the history of OCEA, once deemed to harbor “a culture of corruption related to raising political donations”, why is this agency not privatized completely?
Governor Rick Scott moved swiftly to suspend Mr Batterson, his own appointee whom he knew the public had concerns of conflict of interests related to his closeness with certain rich persons who had dealings with OCEA.
No one should be guilty by association and I do not support that as a matter of principle,however, as a citizen it is my duty to be mindful of the maxim “show me your company…” This provokes me to question first, the staff-selection ability of the top official responsible for the management of this state. Governor Scott chose Mr Batterson despite the clang of alarm bells and went on to appoint Marco Pena, another controversial figure, to the same board. What specially qualified them I’ll leave to fellow citizens to decide.
Lest one thinks this is just one big mistake, let me offer you more and the pattern is better pictured. So let’s look at the forest. Governor Scott selected Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, that was an avoidable embarrassment. He selected millionaire businessman David Wilkins to head the Department of Children and Families, that elevated from embarrassment to disaster. Trust me, I could go on.
Should these costly errors of management lie solely on the back of the Governor? Partly; because we citizens knew him to be inept and worse but we elected him anyway. Thus it reflects on us. Every citizen ought to know that it is unethical for any public official to be handing out jobs to friends and affiliates,the optimal test of suitability being loyalty to her/him; secondarily to ideals, laws and policies.
Just to divert for example. The reason America was able to put a man on the moon and bring them home safely was because of a simple fact….QUALIFICATION! Selecting and training the best at every level. You get results that benefit the citizenry, not constant bouts of scandals.
Finally, know that I have no axe to grind but I am sick of the abuse and mismanagement of Florida State where Tallahassee seems to live by this rule, “The government giveth and the government taketh away”.