So, You Saw “The Homeless”….Then What?

Potaro335 January 3, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Today I read an article titled “Senator Spends Day Off With Homeless Man For A Lesson You Can’t Learn From An Office”. Linked to “Homelessness” by Eleanor Goldberg.
Clearly, the composition was not about the victim, anonym Nick, nor about the phenomenon our society struggles with. It was all about the Senator, Chris Murphy (D-CT). The good gentleman wanted spend his day off following Nick to get a glimpse of homelessness in Connecticut. Equipped with his smartphone, Sen Murphy began his day at 7.30 AM and tweeted his adventure throughout the 8 hours he spent with the unfortunate man, concluding later that he was “inspired” by Nick’s “determination and his resolve to move forward”. The Senator declared the situation “unacceptable” and so on and so on in PoliticalSpeak.

Apart for the foolishness of the Senator’s adventuring, this is what got me dispirited: the pretence and faked outrage. Sir, you could have been well rested for that day you wasted by just opening your eyes to SEE, on your daily commute. Look beneath the bridges, swish by the alleyways, the bus stops, the convenience stores and the extended stay hotels. Yes, you went to the library and the soup kitchen, did you think the bundle of rags in human form on the park bench was there for fresh air and recreation? Did you need to know that his father used crack? What is the connection, the stratum you are looking at cannot support the billions of dollars in the drug trade. Sir, most of the homeless humans are children and the working poor. Just pickup the phone and speak with a few school guidance counselors or social workers. (if there are any left). Speak with your waitress, you just might be surprised. But for goodness sake stop politiking, I’m already cynical we do not need more. You cannot get a glimpse of the loss of hope.