When Are We Going To Shout

When are we going to shout?

I don’t believe there is anyone in the world who would concur with a sentence of 30 years in prison for possession of a few marijuana plants. Yes, I understand that the two 15-year sentences will run concurrently, but even that is unconscionable. I also know that the accused were not eligible for the “affluenza” defence or the rapist who was sentenced to community service because he “would not be able to cope in prison” leniency. These were two ordinary folk whose punishment is so unjust, that at the very least say something; do something.

Unfortunately, the people who could effect the greatest and fastest change seem to care the least. The professionals-lawyers, doctors, academia, social workers, teachers, judges, would not deign to lead a mass protest to put an end to the moral crimes being committed daily from the bench in this country. Stop hiding behind the “law” that you are fully aware is unjust, no, cruel. If your own conscience does not move you to fight for change, then perhaps your tax dollars and your own public safety should.

The prisons are already stuffed full with Blacks, Hispanics and poor Whites. Two million and counting. They do come out sooner or later.The incredible incarceration rate of women in the U.S., sets example to the world as what NOT to be. There are cases where both mother and father are in prison simultaneously.

Oh, we need legislation to change that? Well, how about this politicians, get off your *** and start doing work that is important. Change is what we want and will have. We do not need Bills about fellatio, guns in bars, drug testing welfare recipients and naming public buildings. It’s time you earn your keep.

Finally, Judge, I would rather work for food than sit virtuously participating in this evil.