That’s Choice

No disagreement with your view and anger, maybe. There is a tremendous canyon between what we would like things to be and what they in fact are. Generations came and went, waiting for change. It is quite likely to get worse.
We change the world by changing ourselves first. That is win win for all and immense agency for you.
Any decent, civilised country has a duty to its citizens. ALL of its citizens. Few attain that and both you and I will be long gone before that ideal is realised.
America made some decisions in the not too distant past, not to educate all citizens. Some of it was codified and some by sheer thuggery. Africans got the worst of it but we were not the only ones devalued and slaughtered. Some grow old and die without knowing of their own defilement, sometimes even a party to it.
It is your responsibility to seek, understand and act OR continue your line of thought. That’s choice.