Sorry, but the thrill is gone

Pssst….., GOP. Yes, you. Just want to talk with you a little bit. Won’t keep you long. It’s for your own good. Remember when you said it’s morning in America and you scapegoatthe welfare queen. Well, the rest of the days were overcast and cold. I know, I know. You couldn’t have foreseen that. These things happen. Last time we laughed and jiggled our bellies when you said “I am from the government and I’m here to help” That was a good one, but then some bad karma came swiftly. What I still can’t understand is why Jerry Falwell went searching for racism in South Africa and reported back that he only found Communists. Still puzzling. I had to stop looking people in the eyes for a long time after that, because certainly we know what racism looks like. Hey, we cut you some slack, but then you jumped right up and invaded tiny Grenada. How did the Caribbean Basin Initiative that followed work for them? Oh, you forgot. I know, I know you were busy. Man, you were so persuasive with Trickle-down Economics, we stood behind the Elephant and waited but nothing came down. Later we heard that the Elephant was constipated and won’t even pass gas. Umhn,I recall the Savings and Loan, Wall Street Meltdown and again, we hold the bill. That Iran-Contra and arms for drugs and poor Ollie left holding the bag while moved to tears. I agree, you did clean-up a bit, invaded Panama and disarmed long-time friend Noriega of the machete he was threatening you with. I just pretended it didn’t happen. You too!!! Can’t say I blame you. But then you gave us a Thousand Points of Light in exchange for Willie Horton. Yes, the furloughed prisoner you lied about. Now you’re coming again soliciting my vote which I cannot give because your Governors, SCOTUS and the Choke brothers took that. Just wanted you to know that I’m a forgiving guy but after George the 2nd, the kids looking at me funny, so I have to say no, not again.