Crush This Monster in the Egg​

The time is now, to be apprehensive about Trump and the GOP

Source: Crush This Monster in the Egg


Crush This Monster in the Egg​

“What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind”
-William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I wonder if there is anything Trump’s followers are not willing to put up with. My own concerns are about what is evident today, and impending threats to our future.

When Trump’s surrogates express contempt for the constitution, the courts and media, yet Trump and GOP, by timidity or stupidity embraced those actions- be alarmed.

Said one: “Everyone……will have to bow down to Donald….the greatest man in the universe.”

Another surrogate: “The President’s authority will not be questioned.” That was yet another idiot needing a job. He was speaking about recent actions of the judiciary.

None, none of those chilling remarks, and other more subtle threats were ever discouraged by the President or the ruling Republican party. And by the way, don’t forget the recent photograph of Trump’s flag atop a military convoy traveling on the highway in the United States.

Yes, Trump doesn’t have much education, but neither did Idi Amin, former President of Uganda. The latter started with mass deportation of Asians. We know how it ended. Note that the slaughter and disappearances were indiscriminate. One can never be sufficiently loyal to any dictator. What is so special about America, that would lead anyone to believe that a fascist state of White Nationalism is so remote a possibility?

There is a conjecture I might make, based on a large number​ of American citizens encountered on social media defending each and every action of the Trump administration. Do those people truly believe that their race or party affiliation would make them safe? Stalin and Mao disproved that.

Nothing is sacrosanct​ and no one is safe in autocracies.

After Trump and GOP Run Out of Mexicans and Muslims

The professional politicians often refer to dog whistles, the coded talk meant to be understood by a select group. Nothing new, to most Americans. That has been our politics historically, and I see every reason to believe that it continues. Yes, there might be more subtleties, but it’s there lurking, a beast ready for the call to duty. Again.

I assume that the reader is acquainted with counsel of history and does not need the pledge of never again, which gets quoted selectively. Eliezer Wiesel’s “Not caring is the worst evil.” is not as memorable when the threat is directed at someone else. Could it be human nature?

I am witnessing very troubling behaviors, too many to itemize just for this purpose. I am not singular in what I witness, and I am not that naive as to doubt there is an ultimate plan unfolding. Donald Trump is not that intelligent, and the collective energy of the surrogates has never before been so concentrated, arduous and fanatical.

Trump and the Republican Party, now indistinguishable, have been demonizing every minority group since the election of President Barack Obama with unceasing hostility. Truth has long since been altered and ignored.

Do you recall the almost daily murders of Black men and women by the police? Oh yes, I said murders. Black people protested, were taunted and not many fellow citizens cared that journalists were arrested on various lies the criminal justice system called charges. So, out there by themselves, the dogs were let loose. Half the country approved by either silence or ridicule of the whole race.

Then a curious thing happened. There were calls and petitions for the visible group #BlackLivesMatter to be declared a terrorist organization.Some states drafted emergency legislation, not to stop the murders, but to criminalize protests. Peaceful demonstrations were then regarded as felonious, and a new tag was applied. Economic Terrorism!

Into that race-biased cesspool of stimulated fear, arrived the Beast-in-Chief Donald Trump, with a promise that he will restore law and order and bring back respect for the police. He made inflammatory statements that crime has skyrocketed and America is especially under threat from Mexicans and Muslims. The deportations have started, three executive orders were signed to fight crime and another of the reputed racists, Jeff Sessions, now attorney general, was charged with the responsibility of creating a task force to include Department of Homeland Security. Any objective person could see that the United States is destabilized and ought to know that with the judiciary under attack, which minority group becomes the next target after the Mexicans and Muslims flee.

So, I ask my fellow citizens, having seen what occurred in just three weeks, with the acquiescence of the Republican party, could Trump have done this, given his limitations and will you also deny the sounds of whistles, roars, and screams?​