On Donald Trump’s Head and CNN Coldfeet

Allow me the space to state unequivocally, that I love Kathy Griffin as a comedian and a person. If one happens to be offended by her style and language, remember that no one is compelled to patronise her show.

A few days ago she displayed an effigy of President Donald Trump, a political figure. A notorious public figure. Kathy chose to use a representation of Trump’s bloody, severed head and America howled its hypocritical horror.  Was it the fake blood?

The selective outrage so terrified a pusillanimous CNN, that Kathy was fired before she could even finish her apology. Most of her fans caved even before they gave thought to the fact that she did nothing wrong, ethically or legally.  That many thought her act exhibited poor taste is a matter of ever flipping opinions, depending on the person, not the issue. That Trump’s child may have been traumatised is certainly not a reason to condemn her act. He’s his child, supervise him and manage his bedtime.

But this is where the selective outrage is itself the outrage. Was his child not traumatised when President Obama was lynched in effigy so many times that his children might have thought that a bad movie replayed. Hell, the very day after Obama’s first election, I walked in to my offices and found Obama depicted as comic character Steve Urkel, lynched from a doorknob. I disposed of it and never said a word. Not even to the known perpetrator.

I’m still waiting for the strict constitutionalists to breathe a whisper of free speech in Kathy’s defence. No word from known sources about artistic freedom and “pushing the envelope”. None! Shocked I was when her friend, Anderson Cooper felt an obligation to denounce the act. Why? Effigies are made to be destroyed, especially in political dissent.

So, I’ll conclude with this message to CNN in particular. Borrow a spine and stop appeasing clamorous crowds who yell, “Give us Barabbas.” Uphold principles, not who shouts loudest. Make your stand, even when it’s not popular. You were wrong to fire Kathy Griffin and I hope with all my heart that she sues you.

By Leyland King

June 1, 2017


On the Historic Hearing of Nominee, Judge Kavanaugh

On the Historic Hearing of nominee,Judge Kavanaugh

Who could have missed the United States Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the U.S Supreme Court, a lifetime position that we pay for. Why, is too confounding and digressive at the moment.

Outcome predetermined. the irony, astounding if you believe that the scrutiny as practiced has anything to do with merit; particularly the candidate’s personal integrity and professional excellence.

Broadcast beginning to end for four long days it would have taken the mental stamina of a Hillary Clinton, to the leave the inquiry triumphant. It was so intense, partisan, roiled, blatantly biased that I almost forgot that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated by someone with the moral rectitude of Trump.

On day one, I saw a man radiantly confident and nimble to the day’s end. He seemed pleased as he was congratulated.

Day two offered a fighter tiring, but admirably valiant. However, day three was a revelation calamitous. Worn, deflated and memory taxed, his misfortune was Senator Cory Booker, an opponent playing for keeps. Republicans could not remember their own rules. Sometimes they just made them up. All to rescue a flagging, Judge Kavanaugh. But worse was about to home-in.

On that ill fated third day, no one cautioned Judge Kavanaugh to be alert for Senator Kamala Harris’ pointed preciseness. Before he could scream for help, Senator Harris had purposefully pierced, throttled and gouged the astonished Judge, who seemed so befuddled he ought not be allowed to walk unaided. What she did to that poor Judge while smiling, was an ambush memorable. Judge Kavanaugh, might have used “do not recall” strategically, but will always remember her name. But there’s a worthy moral lesson there, i.e, if you know that you have rotten stuff yet to be buried, graciously decline the nomination. You never know when you’ll encounter a smiling Kamala Harris. Then wham! It’s all over.

Police Union Boycotting Nike

Police Union Boycotting Nike

I Saw Headline News Move the Goal Post, Again

I stared in disbelief at one of my favourite television news-shows today. I didn’t throw anything, but that could be due to shock or disappointment. Hard to identify particular emotions when you’re favourably disposed to the host, Carol Costello, who just blatantly violated your trust.

Headline News was covering the farcical event known as a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, was the shameless Supreme Court nominee who suffered severe memory loss. I wagered that he could not recall what he had for breakfast that morning.

The irascible Chairman Senator Grassley, tried his contemptuous best to convince those Americans interested, that the committee should be allowed uninterrupted progress executing perhaps his last travesty of an overextended career. Some citizens took issue and rightly protested the disappearance of basic ethical restraints, bordering on lawlessness. Some protesters shouted, others raised banners. Last report stated that seventy citizens were arrested without incident and whisked off to rehabilitation at an unknown pacification centre. Later the public was informed that they were all given citations.

Jennifer Epps-Addison, a well respected activist appeared on Headline News with Carol Costello. She was an arrested protester. I don’t believe that interview was objective and appeared to deteriorate when Ms. Epps-Addison was asked if she hadn’t expected to be arrested. It got worse when Carol Costello said coyly to the interviewee that she could have protested somewhere else and avoid the consequential arrest. I was offended. Not only by Ms. Costello’s condescension, but there again, someone who, as far as I know, publicly stood up for nothing, telling us, the affected where, when and how to protest appropriately. Acceptably!

Protests are done as publicly as possible. That’s why they are called protests. You go to buildings; you dare, you defy, you disrupt. You deny comfort and draw maximum attention to the issue. I really would like if the people who are in the news media, would stop directing us how we should protest, especially when they’re not even paying attention to what we we’re saying, when we do it appropriately and to their satisfaction. Marching and singing had its time and place. Do that in this political environment and it would be amusement for the unscrupulous. But Ms. Epps-Addison resoluteness made me proud.

“The protests are not normal, but these are not normal times,” Countered Ms. Epps-Addison, a director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action, which coordinated the protests.

“These women are standing up because they know that if they’re quiet now and they allow these rigged, shamed hearings to proceed, their lives are going to be impacted in the future.”

Now, what is hard to understand about that?

I Saw Headline News Move the Goal Post, Again

FoxNews, Personal Integrity and the Absence of Political Leadership

This is my blog and my voice. I manage my blog for free and would never publish hate or lies. I refuse to believe that an ant can’t get an elephant’s attention, if he, the ant, is nasty, dogged enough, persistently annoying and able to call up a swarm. I thought that would be an apt analogy of small voices, relative to the destructive beast called Fox News, Tucker Carlson’s owner.

Tucker recently sold another few pounds of his soul in the interest of making White people fearful of what was historically evident about human populations. Tucker, stop believing that you’re going to disappear any day now. Pedaling your irrational fears to the public is dangerous. Frankly, I am surprised that the FCC and Homeland Security haven’t got your attention as yet.

Recently, FoxNews allowed Tucker Carlson to talk. He told his listeners that South Africa was in a state of war; that Blacks were killing off Whites and dispossessing them of farmland. Tucker Carlson cared not about the veracity of his statement. It fits neatly into his cockamamie narrative that Whites throughout his world are losing numerical superiority and the race is at risk of extinction.

Poor Tucker who believes that Egypt is in a continent named Middle East, cannot excuse himself from the moral responsibility for the devil may care, race baiting that is acceptable to FoxNews. It’s Tucker’s uncoerced voice that is used to stimulate the hate needed for genocidal catastrophes that increasingly flare up in pockets around the world.

Isolated, Tucker Carlson’s perversion is inane as usual. But ignorance should not be ignored. Each week, Tucker Carlson moves a few cans of gasoline closer to the long smoldering fires of racial animus, not knowing that he is unlikely to escape the ignited firestorm.

When the GOP came with the slogan advocating personal responsibility I was impressed. I thought that they meant it. But stuff happens. Perhaps that got misfiled among Bootstraps, Moral Majority, Family Values, Manifest Destiny, Exceptionalism and all the other codes used shamelessly, to maintain the myth necessary, while the capitalists shear fleeced us all -Black, White and Brown– near flayed.

There might be something that Trump could reasonably take credit for, that is, puncturing the big, ugly, painful abscess that hobbled America for decades. Now that it’s palpable the majority of the American people, the decent people, I believe will step up, scalpel in hand and detach this malignant sack of pus that debilitates our society.

Tucker Carlson owns what he said as much as Trump’s concurring tweet giving support to a racist lie. This is nothing to be proud of, but just know that we are fully aware of your creeping actions on inciting violence.

Fox News personal integrity and absence of political leadership

CBS News: For first time, Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty for female rights activist: Report

CBS News: For first time, Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty for female rights activist: Report.

I thought of the saying, “show me your company and I’ll tell you what you are.” The report speaks for itself.

Fox and Fiends Nursery for Racial Propagandists

From the grow house to the White House.

By Leyland A. King

August 12, 2018

There has to be ardent competition over at Fox News. How else might one explain the frequency of that cluster of praters being themselves, the news? In the downward sprint to personal ignominy, Laura Ingram has overtaken former front runners Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Jeanie Pirro. Another place one might encounter such a congregate of practicing racists is at a Trump cabinet meeting.

A few days ago Laura Ingram, $15,000,000 a year, champion of “mis-speak” talked herself into another non-issue that some perceived as racist. I do not. Neither do I believe that her comments were racially insensitive. Ms Ingram’s thoughtless chatter was certainly halcyonic yearning and might have caused her Polish mother to cringe, but racist it was not. Her comments were just incredibly stupid. Yep, plain old, ordinary, unadulterated stupid made worst coming from the law school graduate that she is.

Clearly, America has every right to enforce its immigration laws. No contest there. But if anyone thinks that what’s being done is strictly about immigration and saving American jobs for Americans, well I doubt that mind could be open to reality.

I know of no supporting evidence that claims education militates against bigotry -racism, misogyny and similar human failings. What might be factual, is that the bigot improves the articulation and persuasiveness of his dialogue/argument. He becomes more adept at concealment of contrary information and his duplicitousness. Bigotry is an emotional response transferred to attitudes and actions. The bigot spends his life stewing in his own misanthropic misery and cannot rest until he has dragged others into the fetid pool with him.

What surprises -though every observation informs me that it should not- is the large number of people who live in a time when facts, cursory at least, are freely available to all, in minutes and much, much more may be had if wanted. Surely we can differ on interpretations of historical circumstances and social consequences, but to continue believing in an America that never, never was; confirm misbelieve via the mouths of people well paid to lie, is sad and absurd.

Ms Ingram spoke of her discomfort with America’s demographics; Tucker Carlson the frozen faced foxie, who had the shakes over an American Citizen from Democratic Republic of Congo “ingratitude” by daring to protest the unconscionable occurrences at the Southern border, all deliberately delivered to a segment who still believe that they arrived in an America where Mexicans, Chinese and Africans did not already exist and that the majority of the world’s population was White. Cripes, people, you cannot re-create something that never was.

Fox and Fiends Nursery for Racial Propagandists