On Donald Trump’s Head and CNN Coldfeet

Allow me the space to state unequivocally, that I love Kathy Griffin as a comedian and a person. If one happens to be offended by her style and language, remember that no one is compelled to patronise her show.

A few days ago she displayed an effigy of President Donald Trump, a political figure. A notorious public figure. Kathy chose to use a representation of Trump’s bloody, severed head and America howled its hypocritical horror.  Was it the fake blood?

The selective outrage so terrified a pusillanimous CNN, that Kathy was fired before she could even finish her apology. Most of her fans caved even before they gave thought to the fact that she did nothing wrong, ethically or legally.  That many thought her act exhibited poor taste is a matter of ever flipping opinions, depending on the person, not the issue. That Trump’s child may have been traumatised is certainly not a reason to condemn her act. He’s his child, supervise him and manage his bedtime.

But this is where the selective outrage is itself the outrage. Was his child not traumatised when President Obama was lynched in effigy so many times that his children might have thought that a bad movie replayed. Hell, the very day after Obama’s first election, I walked in to my offices and found Obama depicted as comic character Steve Urkel, lynched from a doorknob. I disposed of it and never said a word. Not even to the known perpetrator.

I’m still waiting for the strict constitutionalists to breathe a whisper of free speech in Kathy’s defence. No word from known sources about artistic freedom and “pushing the envelope”. None! Shocked I was when her friend, Anderson Cooper felt an obligation to denounce the act. Why? Effigies are made to be destroyed, especially in political dissent.

So, I’ll conclude with this message to CNN in particular. Borrow a spine and stop appeasing clamorous crowds who yell, “Give us Barabbas.” Uphold principles, not who shouts loudest. Make your stand, even when it’s not popular. You were wrong to fire Kathy Griffin and I hope with all my heart that she sues you.

By Leyland King

June 1, 2017


Fox and Fiends Nursery for Racial Propagandists

From the grow house to the White House.

By Leyland A. King

August 12, 2018

There has to be ardent competition over at Fox News. How else might one explain the frequency of that cluster of praters being themselves, the news? In the downward sprint to personal ignominy, Laura Ingram has overtaken former front runners Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Jeanie Pirro. Another place one might encounter such a congregate of practicing racists is at a Trump cabinet meeting.

A few days ago Laura Ingram, $15,000,000 a year, champion of “mis-speak” talked herself into another non-issue that some perceived as racist. I do not. Neither do I believe that her comments were racially insensitive. Ms Ingram’s thoughtless chatter was certainly halcyonic yearning and might have caused her Polish mother to cringe, but racist it was not. Her comments were just incredibly stupid. Yep, plain old, ordinary, unadulterated stupid made worst coming from the law school graduate that she is.

Clearly, America has every right to enforce its immigration laws. No contest there. But if anyone thinks that what’s being done is strictly about immigration and saving American jobs for Americans, well I doubt that mind could be open to reality.

I know of no supporting evidence that claims education militates against bigotry -racism, misogyny and similar human failings. What might be factual, is that the bigot improves the articulation and persuasiveness of his dialogue/argument. He becomes more adept at concealment of contrary information and his duplicitousness. Bigotry is an emotional response transferred to attitudes and actions. The bigot spends his life stewing in his own misanthropic misery and cannot rest until he has dragged others into the fetid pool with him.

What surprises -though every observation informs me that it should not- is the large number of people who live in a time when facts, cursory at least, are freely available to all, in minutes and much, much more may be had if wanted. Surely we can differ on interpretations of historical circumstances and social consequences, but to continue believing in an America that never, never was; confirm misbelieve via the mouths of people well paid to lie, is sad and absurd.

Ms Ingram spoke of her discomfort with America’s demographics; Tucker Carlson the frozen faced foxie, who had the shakes over an American Citizen from Democratic Republic of Congo “ingratitude” by daring to protest the unconscionable occurrences at the Southern border, all deliberately delivered to a segment who still believe that they arrived in an America where Mexicans, Chinese and Africans did not already exist and that the majority of the world’s population was White. Cripes, people, you cannot re-create something that never was.

Fox and Fiends Nursery for Racial Propagandists

Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia Suspends Ties With Canada Over Activist Row

Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia Suspends Ties With Canada Over Activist RowBloomberg: Saudi Arabia Suspends Ties With Canada Over Activist Row.

One suffering from a really bad case of untreated gout, learns quickly the hazards of visiting a cluttered living room. Just a single encounter with table leg is sufficient a lesson.

I thought of the above article which ought to be about human rights and individual freedoms; expulsion of Canada’s diplomatic staff and of course the worn tired, convenient cliche -meddling in the host’s internal affairs. Well Canada’s gouted toe got the worst.

We did things differently. We took an article about repression and turned it into a summary of international trade. Fantastic!

ICE Complains That Michelle Wolf is Ravaging Them

Would you believe it? An agency like ICE goes with deep sobs to FoxNews to vent about being bullied by a fearsome Wolf. I didn’t think it could be true that bloodless beings who have toddlers appear before a court for determination of their future, would tremble at the name of Ms Wolf.

ICE Complains That Michelle Wolf is Ravaging Them

She is an entertainer. A comedian. She makes jokes. But that aside, who created your public image? Perhaps I can help, if you don’t mind, and yes I’ll keep it as safe a secret as Stormy.

I understand the agency’s role in enforcing the nation’s laws, but I can’t related to the culture of arrogance and abysmally ignorant management deliberatelly cultivated at ICE. Here’s how you tarnished what was entrusted to you by our citizens:

1. Boasting a.zero tolerance policy is unhelpful. Okay, it’s stupid. Why? Because you trade away all of your flexibility and public relations assets.

2. Letter of the law type of enforcement, soon gets an agency the opprobrium deserved.

3. Demonization earns hatred.

4. Stop lying and concealing. It destroys your integrity, s omething not easy to recover. Use this rule -if you’re hiding, you’re lying.

5. Reporterst are not out to get you. Turn them neutral. Nothing energizes an investigative reporter like not taking their calls.

6. Trump and Sessions have rscialised the work you have to do. Good luck with that, because all of our citizens aren’t racist.

Now you go to FoxNews for sympathy. I doubt that you can be proud of yourself.

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Laura Ingram Slurs Again

This is so strange. I thought African Americans were citizens and had the right to participate in the social life of USA. I thought that we could have empathetic reactions without Laura Ingram’s approval and permission.

But if mouthing trash is the business you are in, then it might be of help to your bigoted #ss to know something of what you spew.

I worked twenty years in State Child Protection Service. AA children are over represented in the system because they are referred 4x the rate of White children and have shelter with relatives, less than White children because of mandatory home studies which include income. On top of that, AA are arrested more because we are policed more and sentenced more. This information, you can get easily if you read the abundance of research literature available for free. You might just discover what you are and how little you know.

I think that you, Ingram, are either desperate to please your listeners, or despite your degree, you remain as stupid and ill mannered as Trump.Laura Ingram Slurs Again

I Curse the Republican Party!

Who could not have foreseen the current political disaster that now enfolds America. Some of us did. Some of us warned. We called, we marched, we wrote and we voted. All to no avail. Now, without shame Putin is allowed to be temporarily more powerful than any country on Earth. No hyperbole there. I’ll explain, but for now, who has the nuclear codes?

At this moment, nobody but Putin knows what security secrets detrimental to America he has. That ought to deliver a bad case of insomnia. And the international humiliation of America stings much more than that which Trump liberally visited upon our political, and military allies.

Trump didn’t come out of nowhere. Putin did what is done every day in the darkness of military intelligence. He must be gloating so much, that insomnia ails him too. But the only people who are unbothered as they sleep like a baby (oops!) are the republicans in and out of the House and Senate. They can sleep blissfully. Undisturbed, unperturbed. A mere continuation of their torpor per the last 10 years.

But they did manage the entry and exits of the labyrinth they created – useless hearings that produced gas. Then about two hundred appeals to the Supreme Court, searches for the six cases of voter fraud and other vitally important stuff like that. Who could not have seen this coming, especially after Citizens United drowned all other voices.

The disservice done to the men and women who serve this country is appalling. But to Kim Trump freely gave and got nothing in return. To Putin Trump gave freely and got a soccer ball. Now we must wait to see how many children will ever see there parents again. These were done in the name of the American people. The party that has become so vile and hateful, that even a tad of common sense they refuse.

Standing before them, they saw (rather the rest of saw) a man so vulgar and stupid, that he displayed ignorance as a virtue. Thuggery acceptable; a grandfather still unable to control his lechery, his thievery and his lying mouth. It was okay to allow him to refuse the submission of his tax returns as FoxNews cowed any dissent, just to give legitimacy to a character that is obviously vulnerable to blackmail. Too late now. For these, I curse the Republican Party, that even now dare not do anything, but wither and die.

I Curse the Republican Party!

Revolution Begins With Awareness

Revolution Begins With Awareness

Leyland A.King July 13, 2018

Reply to a fb post

I am sorry that you didn’t seize the opportunity to challenge what appeared to be a mistaken opinion. I hope that they set aside positions stemming from frustration.
I believe that Black people are oppressed and treated as non-citizens. Civil protest works. Civil resistance forces the state to spend and exhaust itself. It loses its human resources needed for best contributions and achievements. Overt racism cannot be successful over time. History so instructs.

When Spain was vexed and the Moors and Jews it collapsed. Because in the heat of passion no one gave thought to what their absence would look like after deporting the two groups who had vital skills in government administration, civil engineering commerce and education. After horrendous barbarity and destruction, Spain soon came to realise the fundamental truth -inhumanity is extremely expensive.

Apartheid South Africa, didn’t collapse because the police ran out of ammunition. It did because they found themselves in a world with only the United States and Israel. No country can live with all its contiguous neighbors at war with it, internal strife and international shaming.
Slavery didn’t end -reduce – because the British government suddenly grew a conscience. It was unprofitable and untenable. After the two worlds wars, not unrelated to slavery and colonisation, Britain exhausted and bankrupt was forcing independence on the colonies whether they wanted it or not.
Injustice comes with a terrible price. Often paid by grandchildren.

Voted For Trump? This Might Interest You

Voted for trump this might interest you

This FB post was shared by HL Shepherd. It is awesome! Not one tittle changed. Thanks to Hope Underwood who appears to be the author. There, too, is a request to share this article. I will do my part in assisting the circulation.

I found a brilliant post,that MUST be passed forward on how we ALL feel:Hope Underwood Note to my mother:

I am unconcerned that we have different politics. I do not think less of you because you voted one way and I voted another. We need people to vote and the candidate we select is not always going to win. It is hoped that we will have someone who is competent enough to run our country. That didn’t happen in the last election. We got a thin-skinned egomaniac who has never been held accountable for any atrocities he has committed.

Let me be clear. I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled man in front of a crowd and you still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and you cheered for him. I think less of you because of your willingness to support someone who openly admires dictators and demonizes the press and anyone who criticizes him. I think less of you because you heard him advocate for war crimes and you still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and you thought that was okay. I think less of you because you’ve seen his appointees systematically destroy legal protections and loot the tax payers money and you are ok with that. You watched, along with the rest of the nation, as he separated families and locked innocent children in dog cages and you were not horrified as the rest of us were. You refuse to accept the fact that this man wants to work with dictators but has alienated our long standing allies. I think less of you because you refuse to review the facts and accept that this man is lying to you on a daily basis. It isn’t your politics I find repulsive. It is your willingness to support racism, sexism, misogyny, and cruelty that I find repulsive. You supported a tyrant and bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forgive or forget. Your lack of morals and basic humanity are devastating to me.

There are some things I can never be civil about: concentration camps, genocide, white supremacy, misogyny, harm to children, mass trauma, state violence, rising fascism, to name a few. There is NO civil discussion with someone who agrees with putting children in dog cages.

So, no…you and I will never be “coming together” to move forward or whatever. Trump literally disgusts me and I hate the sound of his voice spewing hate and diving the country but, the fact that he doesn’t disgust you is something that is going to stick with me long after this presidency. You have shown me who you really are and the fact that you still support this monster and rush to justify everything he does makes me feel that we have nothing to discuss.

Posted by Patricia Slater…

Thank you for sharing.